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  • COVID-19: Impact on Mobility and Taxes

    Includes Credits

    Join us for the next webcast in GEO’s series on the current environment's influence on your company's global equity and executive compensation plans. COVID-19 has already had a profound impact on our lives, but did you know it can also have an impact on your participants' taxes? This presentation will focus on three areas impacted by the current pandemic and the resulting fall in share prices. Firstly, the, somewhat ironic, impact on mobility taxation due to shelter in place rules including tax issues for employees who cannot relocate as planned and those that may even break residency rules as a result of extended stays. Then the panel will cover what the tax authorities are doing to help, including delays in tax filing and tax payment deadlines, not just in the U.S. but beyond. Finally, the panel will look at the problem of participants who have tax losses due to falling share prices.

  • ESPP Vision: 20/20 in 2020

    At the start of a new decade, perfect ESPP vision is within reach for all. Fidelity’s 2020 ESPP Data Analysis is hot off the press and offers more slices than a New York City pizzeria. Slices of data that is! Join these ESPP aficionados for a deep dive into today’s ESPPs, what drives participation, and tips and tricks for making the most of your ESPP. Whether you are considering an ESPP, looking to benchmark your current ESPP, or hoping to get more out of your ESPP, this session is custom made for you and will leave you with the clearest ESPP vision.

  • What's Top of Your Mind in These Changing Times

    Join GEO for the first in our series of three webcasts designed to bring to you the most up-to-date information on the impact of the current environment on your company’s equity and executive compensation plans around the globe.

  • As the World Turns, Updates from Around the Globe!

    Includes Credits

    Please join us for this webcast covering updates and new developments affecting companies offering global employee equity plans. The discussion will include the complexities with stay-at-home workforces globally, tax relief and reform related to COVID-19 that could impact equity plans, Brexit, and tax and regulatory changes. We will provide you with the information you need to know and also share with you best practices and creative ideas for how these changes and challenges are best addressed. Stay safe and dial-in for this informative webcast!

  • Global Equity Taxes and Practices: Are You Ready for 2020?

    Start 2020 fresh and informed on the latest tax and regulatory updates. Compensation season is upon us and many key activities take place during this period for your equity program. Understanding the impact legislative changes have on employer and employee helps corporate issuers to more cost-effectively deliver awards and manage your program.

  • The Path to Global ESPP Payroll Management Efficiencies

    Includes Credits

    If your company offers a Global ESPP, you need to have a reliable control system for managing plan administration and global payroll compliance as there can be a problematic gap between these areas. This gap can result in data inaccuracies, incorrect financial reporting and more. Change the way you manage your global ESPP payroll processes for the better. This session will offer new ways to succeed in global ESPP payroll management that will enhance the speed of your review processes, participant experience and overall corporate compliance; allow you to monitor compliance and make adjustments real-time in all countries where your plan is offered, not just the largest or high risk areas; help with the availability and accuracy of global employee data; and ensure multiple global payrolls timely complete necessary reporting and withholding procedures.