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With the accelerating emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses must prioritize identifying and retaining their most skilled employees, particularly within the internal IT and digital sectors. Failing to do so can lead to the loss of valuable resources and hinder a company's competitive edge.

Join us in an enlightening discussion as GEO Fellows delve into the powerful potential of equity programs, showcasing how these programs can serve as a unique instrument to incentivize and retain top talent, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital age.


  1. Understand the importance of identifying uniquely skilled IT and digital employees for long-term company success.
  2. Explore the challenges companies face in retaining top talent in the competitive digital market.
  3. Discover how equity programs can be leveraged effectively to incentivize and retain the best IT and digital professionals, fostering sustained growth and a competitive advantage.

Matt Connor, FGE, Lucid Motors (US)

Chris Dohrmann, FGE, Global Shares - a J.P. Morgan Company (US)

Yael Elbaz-Roiter, FGE, Total Rewards Consultant (IS)

CEP Continuing Education (CE) credit: 75 minutes

CPE credits are provided for live webcasts only. Please visit our Continuing Education and Event Policies pages for more information.

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